Hi. I'm Nathan Baker, Hypnotherapist and Change Worker. After many years of moderate success in various careers and endeavors, I found myself in a rut. A mental rut. I felt as if somehow I had lost something. I started asking myself hard questions about what and why that might be.

Coincidently, a coworker was telling me at lunch one day about an experience his family had with a Stage Hypnotist at the State Fair. This piqued my curiosity. I had some experience with Self Hypnosis when I was in High School; but that was a long time ago, and I figured that things probably had changed a bit since then. Indeed they had! I dove into the subject and researched, read, and watched  everything I could about hypnosis. I also found something that helped me take a bunch of negatives in my thinking and replace them with positives that effected my personal change and transformation. I got so excited at the prospect of helping myself and others create change, that I enrolled in the Hypnosis Motivation Institute: the first, and as far as I know, the only nationally accredited College of Hypnotherapy in the country. After I graduated, I opened an office in the Beaverton-Hillsboro area and started my private practice, seeing clients for a variety of issues, including: Weight Loss, Smoking Cessation, Confidence, Social Anxiety, to name a few.

Hypnosis helped me. It can help you too!